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Happy Black Weekend!

…and a Happy Thanksgiving, where Americans eat til they’re stuffed and shop til they’re empty! As the years pass we keep seeing the sale for ‘Black Friday’ bleed into Thursday and Saturday and sometimes even on Wednesday so from now on I have decided to call this thankful time of year ‘Black Weekend’.

Speaking of sales, the KotCT on Etsy are having a Black Weekend sale from now through Sunday. All digital downloads will be HALF OFF! Our prints would make perfect gifts for even the smallest of geeks and best of all: there’s no shipping to wait for! Because everything is digital, all you have to wait for is the quick click of your mouse to download our awesome posters!

1Just in time for our amazing sale, we just added three new geometrically awesome Zelda themed prints! If you’re a fan of the triforce, you’ll be sure to love these triangular beauties. Don’t be shy and come on over to take a peek at our store!

Santa Claus: Myth or Legend?


Christmas is a wonderful time of year with joy and happiness and gift giving all thanks to the big guy in red. Sure there’s other significance to Christmas that people cherish but what kid in the world doesn’t perk up when they hear the name “Santa”? For the first few years of a child’s life, to believe that a jolly red stanger comes in and leaves you gifts gives children the excitement and belief of magic and goodness. Just the story alone tells kids that if they be kind to others, kindness will come to them.

But how did all of this come about? There are many creation stories from many cultures and a few of them have come together to splice into the Santa that is known today in the US.

Christmas as a whole is seen as a very Christian holiday where we celebrate the birth of Jesus and give gifts and prayers to others as a sign of thanks for his birth. Santa on the other hand is not quite as holy. Where Santa may be tied together with Christmas on the outside, generally the two don’t quite mix in the religious community but in some cases they do. It all depends on a family’s particular belief and the part of the world you may reside.

The reason Santa is known by so many names is because of the mash up of so many cultures with the varied creation myths. St. Nick or St. Nicholas comes from a 4th century Greecian Bishop. Kris Kringle is a mispronounciation of the German name Christkind, or “Christ Child”, referring to baby Jesus. Father Christmas comes from British personification of Christmas itself. In France and French speaking countries they use their own version of Father Christmas, Père Noël. In almost every culture has their own twist on this popular character.

One of my favorite pieces of Santa history comes from Germanic times. I suppose it’s my German heritage or maybe the wonderful connection between modern and old world mythology that I enjoy. In some cases they believed that Santa Claus was based on one of the Norse Gods Jólnir, otherwise known as Odin. Previous to Christmas, some European countries celebrated the midwinter pagan event Yule. During Yuletide supernatural occurances such as ghostly sightings related to the Wild Hunt led by Odin, who would ride through on his horse, Sleipnir, during the night. Many of the traditions of Yule have now been adopted into modern day Christmas.

Some other interesting facts that I come across was quite surprising. The whole visual of Santa as a jolly red being hadn’t come to fruition until the 1800s from a charicature artist named Thomas Nast who depicted the look of Santa from the 1823 poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas.” Also the idea that children were on a naughty or nice list didn’t come around until the 1934 song of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” Before then, this all powerful “list” had no significance or renown.

All in all, no matter who or where Santa may have originated from, he is a huge deal during Christmas times. He brings hope and goodness to all people of all cultures. It’s facinating that such a figure would come together from so many places so that modern day people can celebrate a happy time. Christmas truly is a wonderful time of year.

The Villains of Dr Who

Everyone and their mother loves Dr Who ever since it’s come to the mainstream as of recent. While the Dr is usually lovable and fantastical, there are times when the villains are just as pivotal as characters too. This show has probably one of the most all encompassing creativity that I’ve ever watched and here’s a fun list to remind you of why you still have nightmares. Here are only a few of them in Dr Who history in order of cutest to most menacing.

The Adipose

The cutest possible way of explaining dieting


The Ood

Basically Cthulu’s butlers and a more psychotic version of Davy Jones


The Daleks

Robots with tiny aliens inside and a plunger on their face


The Empty Child

Era confused kid who is lost and lonely


The Family Slitheen

Giant smelly babys


The Cybermen

One of the many reasons robots are scary



Why I never go near mannequins anymore


Vashta Nerada

Greyskull as a spaceman


The Silence

If Justin Timberlake were a dementor


The Peg Dolls

Why I don’t really care to see another baby doll again


The Rebel Flesh

Lonely copycats


and of course, The Weeping Angels

Why I will never ever go near statues nor angels ever



GIFs: a Girl’s Internet Friend

Gifs make the internet infinitely more amazing. Especially when they’re used in conversation. Someone said a cute joke, show them how cracked up you are about it with a nice Gif instead of just writing “lol” or “That’s hilarious, man!” So in light of that, I decided to find the best Gifs for any reaction and who to better do that than Emma Watson?

When you literally want to ‘lol’:


When you’re having a bad day:


When you just don’t know:


When you’re way too excited:


When you’re taking a selfie:


When you see someone cute:


When you want to tell someone you love them:


When someone’s just plain rude:


When you need to be sassy:


And finally when you watch too many cat videos and you yourself turn into a cat:


Inspiration Mondays

As the weekend turns to dusk and Monday rolls around, we find it difficult to find a reason to stay motivated during everyone’s oh-so-favorite day of the week. So with that in mind I’ve decided to make Mondays inspirational so we can be ready for the week to come.

This Monday we were inspired by these amazing JR Schmidt illustrations. They are so intricate and detailed that from a few feet away they don’t even look like the simplified geometric prints that they are. Take a look at these brilliant masterpieces on Fribly and Cargo!


Christmas is coming!

Halloween is over and you know what that means: holiday season is now in full swing. While people are scavenging for fall and winter deals and picking out gifts for Christmas, you should check out some of the new things over on Etsy! Just in time for places to ‘chill out’, warm your heart with our new Frozen inspired print!


We’re also introducing some items in more of the physical variety and add to any wardrobe! Here’s a peek at the fabric we’re using currently.


Take a look in our Etsy store to see just exactly what we’re talking about!

NEW Fez Inspired Posters on Etsy!

Now here’s a game that I was addicted to. It’s a shame there will never be a sequel because I would play the heck out of it. If you’re a fan of Fez and all of his 8-Bit glory, come and check out these new instantly downloadable prints in our Etsy shop! Decorate your walls in a matter of minutes! Buy one of our nerd-tastic posters, print it at home or your local print shop, frame, and hang!