Nerd Box Review Trifecta: Loot Crate vs Nerd Block vs Booty Bin

My husband has been getting Loot Crate for over 6 months now and we’ve usually been pretty excited about the contents of each box. I recently came across the Nerd Block while scrolling through a handful of the Cosplay pages I follow and noticed a few of them started taking up this brand. Naturally anything that includes a secret box of nerdy things I would be interested and even more so that a nice chunk of the up-there Cosplayers are as well. After looking through a few reviews and seeing the contents of a couple month’s worth of Nerd Blocks, I may decide to grab this one. I’ve been kind of wanting a Loot Crate equivalent after seeing all of the cool stuff Kasidey gets but I may hold out for a little longer. I may find another exciting box-o-stuffs somewhere else but for now I’m content with just watching the joy on Kas’ face when he receives his favored Loot Crate.


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