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Now here’s a game that I was addicted to. It’s a shame there will never be a sequel because I would play the heck out of it. If you’re a fan of Fez and all of his 8-Bit glory, come and check out these new instantly downloadable prints in our Etsy shop! Decorate your walls in a matter of minutes! Buy one of our nerd-tastic posters, print it at home or your local print shop, frame, and hang!




Steampunk Pathfinder Reveal! – first playtest

After months of talking about it, recording non-useable footage, and poking Kas to do this, he finally uploaded our first video. Find out what happens to the Knights of the Coffee Table in our new Steampunk expansion of Pathfinder here!

“How many times do I have to kill you, boy?”

As of late here in NC, summer is rolling by and autumn is coming in. I don’t know about most cosplayers our there, but with the first gust of cool wind my mind goes directly to “OHSNAPITSALMOSTHALLOWEEN,” leading into “WHATAMIGONNAWEAR!” So naturally right after that burst of cool air I went directly to my to-do list of cosplay.

After talking to some friends we decided that we wanted to do a Disney villains themed group and I immediately went to Jafar. He’s dark, spooky, badass, and has a sweet staff. The next day I got some materials and started hammering out the coolest part of his outfit, the snake staff. Here’s a couple photos of me laboring away. It’s still pretty simple and will take some time but it’s getting there.



I also wanted to mention one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while. I’ve been playing Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch (which everyone who’s a fan of RPGs and Miyazaki should play) and this scene came up.


You had to save baby fairies from some monsters while exploring inside the fairy mother’s belly. While all that sounds creepy and gross, they made up for it in cuteness. When you saved a fairy, they begin to follow you until you find and save them all. You end up with like 15 or so and they’re all in a straight line hopping along after you. Cutest thing ever.

But anywho, play this game and let me know what your Halloween plans are this year! I’d love to hear what you guys come up with and hope you have fun wearing it!



I’ve been meaning to watch Pokemon Origins for the longest time and I finally got around to doing so. It’s about the original story of Red and Blue on their journey to complete the Pokedex just like in the original games.

It consisted of only four episodes and went pretty fast but if you’ve ever played Red, Blue, Yellow, or even Green, you would basically know the story as this anime follows the games to a “T.” The show was definitely meant for the original Pokemon nerds as it’s definitely leaning towards a more adult crowd. Screeching battle shrieks, Pokemon hoarding, and even a lack of compassion for the Pokemon’s well being. But don’t worry, Red gets called out on his neglect pretty early on.

I give this anime a thumbs up for being spot on, accurate, and brilliant. If you’re wondering where you can watch this epicness, fret not! For it is on Hulu! I definitely urge you to watch it and it would only take about an hour and a half to watch it all. Definitely worth it.

In the mean time, I put up a few new prints in the shop! To keep with the theme, there’s some sweet new original starter Pokemon prints available for instant download! Here’s one of my favorites as a sneak peek~ You can find this one right here! Hope you enjoy!


Almost there~

In preparation for next week, I set up a few of the centerpieces to see how they looked all made up and here’s the result. We’re getting really excited and can’t wait to see everything all out together!




We also got our rings in and they’re so cute! Nothing super fancy — but just different enough. 😀





So I’ve been cosplaying for several years and like most cosplayer a I’ve always had this ongoing “list” of characters. I feel like I need to keep better track of this list as I’m kind of a forgetful person. So here’s on my eventual roster…

Rikku – FFX2 bikini version
Rikku – FFX Al Bhed jumpsuit and regular outfit
Micaiah – Fire Emblem
Lilith – Darkstalkers
Alexstrasza – WoW
A.B.A. – Guilty Gear
Weeping Angel – Dr Who
Harley Quinn – DC
Fem Medic – Team Fortress 2
Chell – Portal
Fem Link – Zelda
Cherche – Fire Emblem
Olivia – Fire Emblem
Tiffany Lords – Rival High School
Yurika Kirishima – Rival High School
Ibuki – Street Fighter
Jam – Guilty Gear
Millia Rage – Guilty Gear

As you can see, this list is pretty hefty and ever-growing. Haha one day I’ll get through them. O_o

Boo? Kitty!

Last night we made a little progress on the alter for the wedding. Instead of the standard flower filled arch I saw this beautiful setup on Pinterest (every wedding planner’s dream site) and immediately had to have it.

I would describe our decor as rustic chic gamer hipster. Basically lace and burlap with a ton of video game references. So the alter that I saw was a perfect mixture of that. We still have a little bit of work to do on them but the bulk of it is complete. Here’s a few photos of the process!

photo 1photo 2photo 4photo 3

In case you’re wondering, that’s my maid of honor in the photos. She’s been super helpful through the whole process and has kept me on track with everything. Planning your own wedding alone is a big weight so even having a little bit of help is crucial. I’ve been fortunate that she’s been helping and motivating me the whole time.

For the paint we used a few of those samples of Valspar house paint. They’re super cheap, there’s a TON of colors to choose from, and because it’s house paint it’s very durable and somewhat water resistant. We got two samples of each but we didn’t even go through half of one for each color.

photo 1-1photo 2-1

Wednesday we’ll be hinging the two doors together and attaching some shelving hooks on the base for extra support. Then comes to fun part of decorating it! I’ll be sure to take photos of the completed alter so stay tuned!