Steampunk Pathfinder Reveal! – first playtest

After months of talking about it, recording non-useable footage, and poking Kas to do this, he finally uploaded our first video. Find out what happens to the Knights of the Coffee Table in our new Steampunk expansion of Pathfinder here!


Imma snaaaake

So I have a tendency to be a little scattered on my projects and go back and forth between multiple projects. It usually keeps things fresh and I can switch between them whenever I get bored or want to work on something new but this usually leads to postponing things fairly later as sometimes I’ll get bored with both. Buuuuut I’ve been making a decent amount of headway this weekend and did a good number on my Jafar staff and even almost completed my Tiffany Lords cosplay! (I’ll show this one once it’s done :O) Luckily I took some photos of my progress so I could show you how I got to where I am so far.

I’ve never used expanding foam before this but I believe that this stuff is my new best friend. It’s practically a one time use and there’s not too too much in the can but it’s relatively cheap and pretty easy to use — granted you don’t get it everywhere like I did! It’s uber sticky and you don’t want to get it on your skin, or anywhere you don’t want to ruin for that matter. I would suggest using some old cardboard. Paper will work but if your foam touches it, the paper will stick to it and not be easy to get off if you let it sit for too long.

Speaking of cardboard, this is also a great base to start from. Since the foam is super loose, you need a base for it to stick to and cardboard is just pliable and durable enough to hold its own, keep a curve, and get a good shape out of. For Jafar’s staff I cut basically a heart shape to get the basic snake’s neck form and hot glued that to my PVC pipe. After that was dry, I sprayed the heck out of it!


Now generally you want to do one side, let it dry, and the spray on the other side but since this was my first go at this, I didn’t quite plan that part out and had to wait around for a while holding the staff and making sure it didn’t touch anything or fall off. Since the foam is pretty light, if you spray it and flip the cardboard over right afterwards, it will most likely just slide off. So it’s best to be patient with expanding foam.

Once the foam has set and hardened, you’re ready to carve to your heart’s content! This part is definitely the most time consuming and a little nerve wracking. If you carve off a chunk by accident, you might as well just start over. Small chunks can be solved with the next step but just don’t be reckless and start hacking at it without a plan.


When you’re happy with your carve and have a billion little shavings stuck to your arms, this is where the magic happens. Grab your masking tape and start covering that bad boy! Remember when I said you could fix any nicks you may have causes or missed in your spraying? Well masking tape can mask that! Not only does it make your prop look better but it also hardens the form and when you get to the next step, this will give something for the paper mache to stick to. Tape over the entire mold until you can’t see any foam whatsoever and you’re on the home stretch. Make sure when you tape you use small to medium sized pieces at about 4-6 inches or so. This makes the tape holding strong and keeps you from having too many lumps and bubbles on your piece.


This is about as far as I’ve gotten but the next part will be even simpler and make you feel like you’re back in 3rd grade. Paper mache-ing things is easy and perfect for lightweight props such as those made with expanding foam. Plus it hardens the prop even further and keeps everything secure. Make sure you take your time and use small pieces here as well. Ripping is also better than cutting the paper as the fibers stick better when theyre raw and jagged versus a smooth cut. Plus it’s more fun to rip up paper.

There are steps you can take after macheing but you can choose to stop here if everything looks good to you. Sand this down a little bit and you’re ready to paint!

I’ll post some pictures whenever I get around to the final outcome. Everything’s gone pretty smoothly til now and I hope it continues to do so. Good luck with your props and hope everything turns out fantastically for you! I’d love to see some pictures of what you all have come up with. Hope this helped!

Happy adventuring!

“How many times do I have to kill you, boy?”

As of late here in NC, summer is rolling by and autumn is coming in. I don’t know about most cosplayers our there, but with the first gust of cool wind my mind goes directly to “OHSNAPITSALMOSTHALLOWEEN,” leading into “WHATAMIGONNAWEAR!” So naturally right after that burst of cool air I went directly to my to-do list of cosplay.

After talking to some friends we decided that we wanted to do a Disney villains themed group and I immediately went to Jafar. He’s dark, spooky, badass, and has a sweet staff. The next day I got some materials and started hammering out the coolest part of his outfit, the snake staff. Here’s a couple photos of me laboring away. It’s still pretty simple and will take some time but it’s getting there.



I also wanted to mention one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while. I’ve been playing Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch (which everyone who’s a fan of RPGs and Miyazaki should play) and this scene came up.


You had to save baby fairies from some monsters while exploring inside the fairy mother’s belly. While all that sounds creepy and gross, they made up for it in cuteness. When you saved a fairy, they begin to follow you until you find and save them all. You end up with like 15 or so and they’re all in a straight line hopping along after you. Cutest thing ever.

But anywho, play this game and let me know what your Halloween plans are this year! I’d love to hear what you guys come up with and hope you have fun wearing it!

Up Next! in the World of Mel’s Cosplay

Is it bad that all I ever want to do is ignore life and work on cosplay? Debatable, I suppose. Recently I started a new cosplay that I’m super stoked about and I’m surprising myself with how good it’s coming along. I’m usually the type of person that scoffs at her own work but for whatever reason, this outfit is actually not too shabby. We’ll see when I get around to the rest of it though.

So you’re probably like “what is this new outfit you’re working on?” Well I’ll give you a hint — it’s pretty old “school” and there’s a lot of “rivals” in it. haha If that’s not giving it away, here’s the character:


I’m also pretty stoked to start a new cosplay soon, which has been on the top of my list for over two years. Because it’s a little intimidating, I keep changing my mind last minute but I think I’m ready to get this ball rolling. Previously I’ve said how much of a big prop lover I am and naturally, Guilty Gear is the place to go. Known for their intricate designs, this game is fairly popular to be worn by cosplayers.

Out of all the cool weapons in the game, I’ve always believed that A.B.A. takes the cake on this one.


Her giant key is not only massive, but also badass and intense. With different moves, it changes its facial expression and sometimes its head altogether so there are plenty of variations to choose from.



I’ll be starting this one fairly soon, but for now I’m focusing on the previous outfit. I’m pretty excited to see both of these come to fruition as they’ve been on the list for quite some time. Keep posted for more updates!




So I’ve been cosplaying for several years and like most cosplayer a I’ve always had this ongoing “list” of characters. I feel like I need to keep better track of this list as I’m kind of a forgetful person. So here’s on my eventual roster…

Rikku – FFX2 bikini version
Rikku – FFX Al Bhed jumpsuit and regular outfit
Micaiah – Fire Emblem
Lilith – Darkstalkers
Alexstrasza – WoW
A.B.A. – Guilty Gear
Weeping Angel – Dr Who
Harley Quinn – DC
Fem Medic – Team Fortress 2
Chell – Portal
Fem Link – Zelda
Cherche – Fire Emblem
Olivia – Fire Emblem
Tiffany Lords – Rival High School
Yurika Kirishima – Rival High School
Ibuki – Street Fighter
Jam – Guilty Gear
Millia Rage – Guilty Gear

As you can see, this list is pretty hefty and ever-growing. Haha one day I’ll get through them. O_o

Blasting Off Again


Cosplay is a very important part of my life. Ever since early high school I have been mesmerized by the whole culture of the cosplay world. It has allowed me to be more social, learn skills I wouldn’t normally learn, and realize that the most important thing in your life is to have fun with what you are doing. From beginning to end you should have a grand time in honing your abilities to create or do what it is that you do, enjoy the entire process from thought to completion, and strive to always be better. This not only applies to cosplay but to any project or job in general.

For me, cosplay is one of the things that brings me this happiness. I hope to become a great cosplayer that others can look up to just as I look up to my peers and with every outfit I make, I get slowly closer to this goal.

Here’s a few photos of my Jessie from Pokemon at Animazement. I wish I had more. This is one of my favorite cosplays I’ve done so far.


For the passed two weeks I have been working nonstop prepping things for animazement and holy moly am I tired. We have a great time and as sad as I am that it’s over, I’m glad that that’s one less thing on my check list.

I’m still looking around for photos of my cosplays but I’ll post a few of my own.