Happy Black Weekend!

…and a Happy Thanksgiving, where Americans eat til they’re stuffed and shop til they’re empty! As the years pass we keep seeing the sale for ‘Black Friday’ bleed into Thursday and Saturday and sometimes even on Wednesday so from now on I have decided to call this thankful time of year ‘Black Weekend’.

Speaking of sales, the KotCT on Etsy are having a Black Weekend sale from now through Sunday. All digital downloads will be HALF OFF! Our prints would make perfect gifts for even the smallest of geeks and best of all: there’s no shipping to wait for! Because everything is digital, all you have to wait for is the quick click of your mouse to download our awesome posters!

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So I’ve been cosplaying for several years and like most cosplayer a I’ve always had this ongoing “list” of characters. I feel like I need to keep better track of this list as I’m kind of a forgetful person. So here’s on my eventual roster…

Rikku – FFX2 bikini version
Rikku – FFX Al Bhed jumpsuit and regular outfit
Micaiah – Fire Emblem
Lilith – Darkstalkers
Alexstrasza – WoW
A.B.A. – Guilty Gear
Weeping Angel – Dr Who
Harley Quinn – DC
Fem Medic – Team Fortress 2
Chell – Portal
Fem Link – Zelda
Cherche – Fire Emblem
Olivia – Fire Emblem
Tiffany Lords – Rival High School
Yurika Kirishima – Rival High School
Ibuki – Street Fighter
Jam – Guilty Gear
Millia Rage – Guilty Gear

As you can see, this list is pretty hefty and ever-growing. Haha one day I’ll get through them. O_o