The Villains of Dr Who

Everyone and their mother loves Dr Who ever since it’s come to the mainstream as of recent. While the Dr is usually lovable and fantastical, there are times when the villains are just as pivotal as characters too. This show has probably one of the most all encompassing creativity that I’ve ever watched and here’s a fun list to remind you of why you still have nightmares. Here are only a few of them in Dr Who history in order of cutest to most menacing.

The Adipose

The cutest possible way of explaining dieting


The Ood

Basically Cthulu’s butlers and a more psychotic version of Davy Jones


The Daleks

Robots with tiny aliens inside and a plunger on their face


The Empty Child

Era confused kid who is lost and lonely


The Family Slitheen

Giant smelly babys


The Cybermen

One of the many reasons robots are scary



Why I never go near mannequins anymore


Vashta Nerada

Greyskull as a spaceman


The Silence

If Justin Timberlake were a dementor


The Peg Dolls

Why I don’t really care to see another baby doll again


The Rebel Flesh

Lonely copycats


and of course, The Weeping Angels

Why I will never ever go near statues nor angels ever




GIFs: a Girl’s Internet Friend

Gifs make the internet infinitely more amazing. Especially when they’re used in conversation. Someone said a cute joke, show them how cracked up you are about it with a nice Gif instead of just writing “lol” or “That’s hilarious, man!” So in light of that, I decided to find the best Gifs for any reaction and who to better do that than Emma Watson?

When you literally want to ‘lol’:


When you’re having a bad day:


When you just don’t know:


When you’re way too excited:


When you’re taking a selfie:


When you see someone cute:


When you want to tell someone you love them:


When someone’s just plain rude:


When you need to be sassy:


And finally when you watch too many cat videos and you yourself turn into a cat:




I’ve been meaning to watch Pokemon Origins for the longest time and I finally got around to doing so. It’s about the original story of Red and Blue on their journey to complete the Pokedex just like in the original games.

It consisted of only four episodes and went pretty fast but if you’ve ever played Red, Blue, Yellow, or even Green, you would basically know the story as this anime follows the games to a “T.” The show was definitely meant for the original Pokemon nerds as it’s definitely leaning towards a more adult crowd. Screeching battle shrieks, Pokemon hoarding, and even a lack of compassion for the Pokemon’s well being. But don’t worry, Red gets called out on his neglect pretty early on.

I give this anime a thumbs up for being spot on, accurate, and brilliant. If you’re wondering where you can watch this epicness, fret not! For it is on Hulu! I definitely urge you to watch it and it would only take about an hour and a half to watch it all. Definitely worth it.

In the mean time, I put up a few new prints in the shop! To keep with the theme, there’s some sweet new original starter Pokemon prints available for instant download! Here’s one of my favorites as a sneak peek~ You can find this one right here! Hope you enjoy!




Some of you may be superstitious and some of you may just believe in coincidence but for those of you who follow moon patterns and astrological sightings, you might have noticed that today is a special day. Not only is it a Friday (woo!), not only is it the 13th of the month, and not only is today a full moon, but the moon is in a rare “Honey Moon” state. And just when we thought all of the thunderstorms in NC weren’t ‘doomy’ enough.

Odd coincidence? Probably. But for the people who are weary of the mystical, some may have chosen to stay at home just in case they accidentally came along a black cat or walk under a ladder and have a lifetime of bad luck.

At 12:13 am the moon was a full as a kid’s stomach after a buffet and bright as can be. But don’t worry, if you missed the peak of its beauty, the moon will continue to give off a slight yellow hue. Just like with many visuals in the sky, the glow is actually from pollution. So thanks to the human population for this conflicting sight! According to the article at National Geographic, we haven’t had these specific turn of events since 1919 and we won’t see it again until 2098 so take a second out of your busy day to look out into the sky and view this wondrous event.

Enjoy the Friday and be careful out there!


Bubble Bubble Pop!

To get into the Con season, I’ve been pumping myself up with a little taste of some new music. I’ve never listened to it before but for the past month I have been listening to KPop non-stop. I must say — it’s amazing. I feel like I’ve been taken back to my NSYNC and Britney days but with fresh content and more colorful outfits.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what they’re singing about, you can still understand the song. Just like with any music you can feel different emotions with each tone they produce and that’s what makes music, music. So they could be singing about lollipops and rainbows and you wouldn’t know it but it will still make you happy.

KPop is particularly awesome because they bring the greatness of group bands back from the 90’s and up the anti. Different bands have different feels but all make you want to dance in one way or another. Now I understand why I see so many choreographed dancing skits at cons. If you aren’t persuaded yet, just go listen to them. Personally my favorite are Orange Caramel, F(x) and Hyuna. They’re too cool for school.

Take a peek at some of their stuff because it’s worth it. You’ll get hooked. Plus it’s the perfect way to get pumped for Con season. Hope you enjoy!


Where’s the remote?

In my life there have been a handful of media-related things that I feel I should tip my hat to for helping to raise me. Television shows like Bleach, Rugrats, and Fruits Basket, books like Harry Potter and the Dresden Files, and pretty … Continue reading