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Blasting Off Again


Cosplay is a very important part of my life. Ever since early high school I have been mesmerized by the whole culture of the cosplay world. It has allowed me to be more social, learn skills I wouldn’t normally learn, and realize that the most important thing in your life is to have fun with what you are doing. From beginning to end you should have a grand time in honing your abilities to create or do what it is that you do, enjoy the entire process from thought to completion, and strive to always be better. This not only applies to cosplay but to any project or job in general.

For me, cosplay is one of the things that brings me this happiness. I hope to become a great cosplayer that others can look up to just as I look up to my peers and with every outfit I make, I get slowly closer to this goal.

Here’s a few photos of my Jessie from Pokemon at Animazement. I wish I had more. This is one of my favorite cosplays I’ve done so far.