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Look out wordpress, because the Knights have come to Facebook! Be the first to know when we have a sale, new prints are made, and get inspired by featured artists and designers! For all of those awesome followers out there, give us a like and spread the word!



Happy Black Weekend!

…and a Happy Thanksgiving, where Americans eat til they’re stuffed and shop til they’re empty! As the years pass we keep seeing the sale for ‘Black Friday’ bleed into Thursday and Saturday and sometimes even on Wednesday so from now on I have decided to call this thankful time of year ‘Black Weekend’.

Speaking of sales, the KotCT on Etsy are having a Black Weekend sale from now through Sunday. All digital downloads will be HALF OFF! Our prints would make perfect gifts for even the smallest of geeks and best of all: there’s no shipping to wait for! Because everything is digital, all you have to wait for is the quick click of your mouse to download our awesome posters!

1Just in time for our amazing sale, we just added three new geometrically awesome Zelda themed prints! If you’re a fan of the triforce, you’ll be sure to love these triangular beauties. Don’t be shy and come on over to take a peek at our store!

Inspiration Mondays

As the weekend turns to dusk and Monday rolls around, we find it difficult to find a reason to stay motivated during everyone’s oh-so-favorite day of the week. So with that in mind I’ve decided to make Mondays inspirational so we can be ready for the week to come.

This Monday we were inspired by these amazing JR Schmidt illustrations. They are so intricate and detailed that from a few feet away they don’t even look like the simplified geometric prints that they are. Take a look at these brilliant masterpieces on Fribly and Cargo!


Christmas is coming!

Halloween is over and you know what that means: holiday season is now in full swing. While people are scavenging for fall and winter deals and picking out gifts for Christmas, you should check out some of the new things over on Etsy! Just in time for places to ‘chill out’, warm your heart with our new Frozen inspired print!


We’re also introducing some items in more of the physical variety and add to any wardrobe! Here’s a peek at the fabric we’re using currently.


Take a look in our Etsy store to see just exactly what we’re talking about!

NEW Fez Inspired Posters on Etsy!

Now here’s a game that I was addicted to. It’s a shame there will never be a sequel because I would play the heck out of it. If you’re a fan of Fez and all of his 8-Bit glory, come and check out these new instantly downloadable prints in our Etsy shop! Decorate your walls in a matter of minutes! Buy one of our nerd-tastic posters, print it at home or your local print shop, frame, and hang!



What’s Your Sign?

Now that the wedding is done, all of my big projects are done and I don’t know what to do with myself. So I’m going to start focusing more on my Etsy store again. It’s still pretty teensy right now but it’s getting there. I just added a new set of prints that I wanted to showcase and I’m super excited about them.

One thing I’ve always been partial to is the brilliance of astrology. Of course with Fruits Basket being one of the first Manga I ever read, that basically solidified my curiosity for zodiacs and the mystical. I thought it would be a cute idea to make prints for the signs. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the designs!


Check them out and get your own print at The Knights of the Coffee Table!