The Villains of Dr Who

Everyone and their mother loves Dr Who ever since it’s come to the mainstream as of recent. While the Dr is usually lovable and fantastical, there are times when the villains are just as pivotal as characters too. This show has probably one of the most all encompassing creativity that I’ve ever watched and here’s a fun list to remind you of why you still have nightmares. Here are only a few of them in Dr Who history in order of cutest to most menacing.

The Adipose

The cutest possible way of explaining dieting


The Ood

Basically Cthulu’s butlers and a more psychotic version of Davy Jones


The Daleks

Robots with tiny aliens inside and a plunger on their face


The Empty Child

Era confused kid who is lost and lonely


The Family Slitheen

Giant smelly babys


The Cybermen

One of the many reasons robots are scary



Why I never go near mannequins anymore


Vashta Nerada

Greyskull as a spaceman


The Silence

If Justin Timberlake were a dementor


The Peg Dolls

Why I don’t really care to see another baby doll again


The Rebel Flesh

Lonely copycats


and of course, The Weeping Angels

Why I will never ever go near statues nor angels ever







So I’ve been cosplaying for several years and like most cosplayer a I’ve always had this ongoing “list” of characters. I feel like I need to keep better track of this list as I’m kind of a forgetful person. So here’s on my eventual roster…

Rikku – FFX2 bikini version
Rikku – FFX Al Bhed jumpsuit and regular outfit
Micaiah – Fire Emblem
Lilith – Darkstalkers
Alexstrasza – WoW
A.B.A. – Guilty Gear
Weeping Angel – Dr Who
Harley Quinn – DC
Fem Medic – Team Fortress 2
Chell – Portal
Fem Link – Zelda
Cherche – Fire Emblem
Olivia – Fire Emblem
Tiffany Lords – Rival High School
Yurika Kirishima – Rival High School
Ibuki – Street Fighter
Jam – Guilty Gear
Millia Rage – Guilty Gear

As you can see, this list is pretty hefty and ever-growing. Haha one day I’ll get through them. O_o