Welcome to my new blog! I am Mel, graphic designer and illustrator. One of my passions is to edit and make designs better. I find it a welcomed challenging to see an interesting idea and make it even better with a new perspective.

Here I’ll be reviewing and critiquing things that I might come across that inspire me or otherwise so. I’d like to think I have an eclectic taste. Things you may see on this fun blog could be anything from my assorted interests. From art and design, to music, to even video games and cosplay, you’ll find that I have many random hobbies that I like to partake in. I hope you enjoy my rants and maybe even get inspired by the many sparkles I’ll share here.

Additionally, I’ll be posting various nonsense that I enjoy and things that go on through planning my wedding. I feel the need to document my experiences and research to help inspire other brides around the web. I hope you all enjoy the things you find here!

Thanks for reading! -Mel